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Meet Our Pilots

Francisco Costa

Meet Francisco J. Costa, a highly accomplished and decorated aviation expert with over two decades of experience in the U.S. Army and ten years in the aviation industry. With over 2,400 flight hours and a wealth of knowledge in multiple aircraft, including helicopters and airplanes, Francisco is a seasoned pilot and a valuable addition to the Prestige team.

Francisco holds several important certifications and licenses, including an FAA Commercial-Instrument Helicopter rating, Airplane Single-Engine and Multi-Engine rating, and is a Certified Flight Instructor. He is qualified to fly various aircraft, including the Robinson R-22, 44 & 66 Helicopters, Bell Ranger 205/206, AH-64D Apache, CH-47F, and MH-47G helicopters, and the DHC-6 Twin Otter.

In recognition of his bravery and dedication to serving our country, Francisco has received numerous awards and honors. In 2019, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the highest medal for aerial flight, by the President of the United States, in recognition of his heroism and gallantry while participating in aerial flight as a Pilot-in-Command during combat operations in Iraq and Syria. He was also awarded the Bronze Star and two Air Medals, further testament to his outstanding service to our nation.

With two bachelor’s degrees in Business and Aviation, and a current Master of Business Administration candidate at the College of William & Mary, Francisco brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Francisco looks forward giving you the experience of flight and you couldn’t be in better hands!

Fun Facts:

  • Originally from Santiago, Chile
  • Skydiving instructor with over 4,000 skydives
  • Has visited every continent except Australia, which is next on his list!

We’re looking forward to many more flights with this seasoned pilot – and thank you for your service to our country!

Ciara Joye

Ciara Joye is an Instrument Rated Certified Flight Instructor and Commercial Rotorcraft Pilot.  Ciara was highly motivated to begin her new career and earned 5 rotorcraft ratings in 7 months (private, instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII)!

If you are looking for someone to keep you on task and check ride ready, Ciara is your girl. Ciara has experience in the Robinson22, Robinson44, and Robinson66 helicopters. Before moving to Atlanta, she trained and worked in Sevierville, Tennessee at a Robinson Service Center where she was a maintenance pilot and flight instructor. She has also worked in the Dallas Metro Area flying the DFW Channel 5 News Helicopter. Her favorite type of flying is aerial photography, especially the work in Bravo airspace.

Ciara received a B.A. in French and Economics from Tulane University in 2008, and is currently completing her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Originally from South Louisiana, Ciara has travelled extensively nationally and abroad in her first career in hospitality. One of her favorite jobs was working as a beverage supervisor for Lindblad Expeditions, a National Geographic cruise line with itineraries from Alaska all the way down the Pacific the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean.

Fun Facts:

  • One of Ciara’s first jobs was working in a French immersion school in New Orleans.
  • She is a Certified Yoga teacher, which she received during her travels to Thailand and Bali.

Whether starting flight school or taking a tour for fun, Ciara has the experience & enthusiasm to take you to new heights!!  We’re privileged to have her at Prestige.

Daniel Zaken

Daniel was born in Philadelphia, and raised here in Atlanta. He has always been interested in aviation from a very young age, having flown many remote controlled aircraft as a kid.  And that has culminated in his now being both a helicopter and airplane pilot.

Daniel started flying airplanes in 2017, with helicopters following in 2019. He is now both commercial and instrument rated for both airplanes and helicopters.

Daniel has flown throughout much of the United States as well as some international destinations, with Catalina Island and Iceland being some of the most unique!

Daniel aspires to continue flying both airplanes and helicopters, and is open to what the industry has to offer.

He completed all of his helicopter training with Prestige and is quite familiar with the city, so feel free to ask any questions.  All in all, he hopes to introduce aviation to more friends and family to share the excitement of flying!

Fun Facts:

  • Works in Finance full-time
  • Also flies drones
  • Enjoys hiking and nature
  • Likes being on the water and hopes to earn his Seaplane rating
  • Plans to fly to more international destinations in light aircraft
  • Favorite sport is Basketball
  • Frequently goes to air shows

Prestige is pleased to have Daniel onboard and we look forward to many flights with him on our team!

Bob Cummins

“Flying helicopters is a gift for life; everything else is just commentary.”

“Whiskey Bob” Cummins got his very first taste of flying when his wife, Julia, gifted him with a “Discovery Flight” with Prestige Helicopters. And he’s been a part of our family ever since! He is an experienced flight instructor: instrument & advanced ground instructor certified – with the FAA’s Gold Seal Instructor rating, at that!

Bob’s journey began while serving in the marines, where he flew a Sikorsky CH-53 and the Bell AH1J Cobra attack helicopter….ours aren’t armed, but you’ll surely feel safe when Bob’s at the helm. In addition to the extensive helicopter ratings, Bob also holds an Airline Transport Rating and was a Weapons and Tactics Instructor, as well. He’s logged over 14,000 hours of air time (helicopters & airplanes) and has exceeded 1,000 hours of actual instrument time.

Fun Facts

  • Served on various naval amphibious carriers
  • Has flown as far south as the tip of South America, and 300 miles north of the arctic circle in Norway.
  • Served with Lt. Co. Oliver North in Japan, and can attest that he was “crazy”. In marine-speak, that probably means highly courageous risk-taker!
  • Enjoys listening to jazz & audio books while in transit to the airport.
  • Likes eating gummy bears while watching basketball with his grandson. Sweet!….

Bob also does charters and a few tour-flights for us when available. As you’ve just read, he’s an accomplished, busy guy! We’re blessed to have him at Prestige.

Thank you, Lt. Colonel Bob, for your 26 years serving America with the United States Marine Corp.