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Meet Our Pilots

Matt Weir

A commercial/instrument rated fixed-wing and helicopter pilot, Matt was born in New Zealand. He knew he wanted to be an aviator at an early age, from watching helicopters and airplanes flying in and out of the bush & jungles of Ecuador, where he was raised.

Matt has a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and an Associates degree in Homeland Security, so be on your best behavior if you fly with him! Just kidding, of course! His studies took place in Minnesota, where, while working for Delta and Signature Flight Support, he began his fixed-wing flight training in 2011. By 2013, he was “over” the cold weather, and chose Atlanta to finish his flight training. Minnesota’s loss, Prestige’s gain!

He continues to get rave reviews from Prestige passengers, who appreciate his ability to make them feel comfortable and safe, as well as his informative approach to showing them our wonderful city, from the skyview. He hopes to fly as a DOD or gas & oil industry pilot one day. We’ll certainly hate to lose him when that happens, but until then, appreciate all that he does!

Fun Facts:

  • Matt enjoys running, biking, swimming, and until recently, motorcycles. (Three “close calls” have ended that little hobby and he sold his KLR 650 in 2019.)
  • Loves skydiving and bungee-jumping
  • Has EMT training and law enforcement academy background
  • Matt is bilingual (Spanish)
  • He worked at an apple orchard and was named “Farmer Matt” while there!
  • Dream trip: jungle, pristine beach, rivers, springs & hot springs.

I think we can safely say Matt is an outdoorsy guy!

J. G. Alves

Joao G. Alves is originally from Brazil, where he was raised, and surrounded by, aviation-centered relatives. His parents, uncles, and aunts all worked in the aviation industry, so his inspiration to follow in their footsteps was a lifelong influence…his father was a glider pilot, and airline & helicopter pilot, too.

In 2012 he ferry-piloted from Fort Lauderdale to Brazil in 7 days, which included flying over the Caribbean Islands and Amazonian Jungle. He takes pride in recalling the intense preparation, logistical arranging, and extended overflight safety planning that this trip required. The same care & detail are applied, even for a simple “flight over Buckhead”!

J.G.’s favorite experience was surveying the spread of oil from a capsized boat near St. Simon’s Island, a crucial tracking service performed at that time. This created a desire to one day be an oil rig transport pilot. He also wants to be a glider-pilot instructor.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys swimming, biking, traveling to Europe
  • Hobbies include landscaping and street photography
  • Speaks Spanish & Portuguese
  • Prefers mountains over beaches; cold over heat
  • He likes motorcycles (seems to be a common interest!) Be safe, J.G.!

Prestige has been privileged to have J.G. flying customers since 2018. They love his friendly nature and willingness to go above & beyond for their comfort and safety!

We wish you all the best as you follow in your dad’s footsteps!


Jenny was born and raised in Michigan, and has extensive certifications which include Flight Instruction (Rotorcraft), Commercial, Instrument (Rotorcraft) and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems-Part 107. She had a short training course at the University of North Dakota before joining the U.S. Army Flight School in Fort Rucker, AL in 2005, where she served for 8 years as an Officer and a Chinook pilot. Even at a young age she adorned her room with airplanes & helicopters…not your typical Barbies & tea-party type girl, for sure!

Jenny’s most challenging flight involved being in Iraq in limited visibility caused by bad weather conditions, while having to resupply a remote & isolated area. Her favorite memory of flying was helping her dad, who’s afraid of heights, get over his fear. They flew around Maryland and West Virginia in an R22 (rather small helicopter!) with the doors off! Go dad!

Fun Facts:

  • Her goal is to visit every continent.
  • She enjoys volleyball and running.
  • She actually does this part-time. Current Capture Manager for General Dynamics Information Technology is her “day job”. 🙂
  • Jenny plans to earn her private add-on certification for fixed-wing aircraft.

​Prestige is happy to add Jenny to our roster of pilots. She started with us in 2019 and also provides training to our students.

Looking forward to many more flights with this awesome pilot – and thank you for your service to our country!

Bob Cummins

“Flying helicopters is a gift for life; everything else is just commentary.”

“Whiskey Bob” Cummins got his very first taste of flying when his wife, Julia, gifted him with a “Discovery Flight” with Prestige Helicopters. And he’s been a part of our family ever since! He is an experienced flight instructor: instrument & advanced ground instructor certified – with the FAA’s Gold Seal Instructor rating, at that!

Bob’s journey began while serving in the marines, where he flew a Sikorsky CH-53 and the Bell AH1J Cobra attack helicopter….ours aren’t armed, but you’ll surely feel safe when Bob’s at the helm. In addition to the extensive helicopter ratings, Bob also holds an Airline Transport Rating and was a Weapons and Tactics Instructor, as well. He’s logged over 14,000 hours of air time (helicopters & airplanes) and has exceeded 1,000 hours of actual instrument time.

Fun Facts

  • Served on various naval amphibious carriers
  • Has flown as far south as the tip of South America, and 300 miles north of the arctic circle in Norway.
  • Served with Lt. Co. Oliver North in Japan, and can attest that he was “crazy”. In marine-speak, that probably means highly courageous risk-taker!
  • Enjoys listening to jazz & audio books while in transit to the airport.
  • Likes eating gummy bears while watching basketball with his grandson. Sweet!….

Bob also does charters and a few tour-flights for us when available. As you’ve just read, he’s an accomplished, busy guy! We’re blessed to have him at Prestige.

Thank you, Lt. Colonel Bob, for your 26 years serving America with the United States Marine Corp.