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If you have decided to finally take the plunge and learn to fly. Prestige Helicopters offers special pricing when you pay for flight time in advance. As you will see below, our rates get exponentially more affordable as you put more money in your Prestige Helicopters account.

R-22 Rates

Pilot Fee – $75.00/hr.

R-22 Standard Rate – $280.00/hr.

$3,000 Down – $275.00/hr.

$5,000 Down – $270.00/hr.

$10,000 Down – $260.00/hr.

$20,000 Down – $250.00/hr.

R44 Rates

Pilot Fee – Included

R44 Standard Rate – $550/hr.

$3,000 Down – $530/hr.

$5,000 Down – $510/hr.

$10,000 Down – $490/hr.

$20,000 Down – $470/hr.

R66 Rates

Pilot Fee – Included

R66 Standard Rate – $850.00/hr.

$10,000 Down – $825.00/hr.

$20,000 Down – $800.00/hr.

Pilot Services

Ground School – $75.00/hr.

Prestige Aircraft IFR/Advanced – $90.00/hr.

After Hours Service – $100.00/up charge

To Fly Client’s Aircraft – $75.00/hr.

Day Rate (8 hours) – $600.00

Prices do not include 8% sales tax

Fuel is included in all rental prices

Money Put on Account is non-refundable