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Industry Services

There are a wide variety of industries that find our helicopter services useful. Some of the most common applications are listed below. However, we can cater to your company’s needs in any way we can be useful.

Aerial Photography

Prestige Helicopters has professional photographers on staff to accommodate all of your aerial photography needs. We will capture and edit high resolution images that are sent to you digitally for immediate download.

There are several benefits to using a helicopter for your aerial photography needs as opposed to a drone. First we are able to fly much higher, providing much better perspective for large plots of land. Second, because our aircraft are manned, we can fly inside of air spaces that drones are prohibited. Finally, with aerial photography services starting at $580, we are priced competitively with most drone operators in Atlanta. And because we are able to quickly fly from one location to the next, we can cover multiple locations around the Metropolitan area in a single day of shooting!

Power Line and Pipe Line Patrol

With hundreds of miles of power lines and pipe lines running through remote locations in this country, surveying them by helicopter is really the only logical option. We have worked with a number of oil and energy providers to search for maintnence issues or breaks in their lines.

We can also provide gyro stabilized video footage of the entire line as we fly over it!

a photo of power lines
a field of tall grass

Frost Prevention

A late spring frost can be the difference between success and failure in the growing season. Using our R-44 helicopters, we are able to hover above a farmer’s crop to keep the ice from forming. This service is a small price to pay when compared to the cost of losing an entire season’s crop.